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Meeting all the requirements imposed by the REACH Regulation is not an easy task. It requires not only legal or chemical knowledge, but also involves the experience gained in practice. The fundamental question, which should be answered by any company facing the obligations resulting from the REACH Regulation is the scope, in which such company is subject to the provisions of this Regulation.

THETA Doradztwo Techniczne, wishing to help its clients to understand and fulfil their new obligations imposed by REACH, prepared a comprehensive offer for services covering this subject.


REACH - offer

Analysis of your company's needs regarding the specific obligations resulting from the REACH Regulation: „Verification Audit of the REACH obligations".

Verification Audit is aimed at identification of obligations resulting from the REACH Regulation, and is completed with a written summary report. Verification Audit covers all the business elements considered by the REACH Regulation, from the point of view of a manufacturer, importer and downstream user, i.e., every company dealing with chemical products.

All Audits are conducted by qualified auditors, certified as the REACH Internal Auditors with certificates issued by the accreditation body RW TÜV NORD.

Conducting all registration procedures, included in the REACH Regulation:

  • final registration of substances and intermediates – selection of the most economically justified way of registration.In scope of registration, we provide complete essential and logistics related services, inter alia, maintaining contact with European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), analysis and ordering of necessary tests for registered substances, representation in the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) and in consortium, representing company as a third party or as the only representative, development, preparation and submission of the complete registration dossier – also in IUCLID6 format.

  • update of data for already registered substances.

Moreover, within the framework of obligations not related to registration, and resulting from the REACH Regulation, we provide:

  • consulting and preparation of all documents for communication with suppliers, customers and European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), communication in the supply chain, preparation of suitable documents and applications, among others:

  • support in interpretation of regulations concerning implementation of the REACH Regulation provisions, monitoring of changes in regulations, preparation of official letters and answering the legal enquiries;

  • preparation of information for customers, concerning articles containing in their composition SVHC substances, and reporting to ECHA SVHC substances contained in articles;

  • compilation of Safety Data Sheet in compliance with the REACH requirements and/ or suitable exposure scenario;

  • preparation of information concerning hazards related to substances or mixtures not subject to the obligation of being accompanied by a safety data sheet;

  • preparation of application concerning granting the authorisation for the use of substance in accordance with Annex XIV to the REACH Regulation;

  • reporting to ECHA substances PPORD, i.e., substances manufactured or imported for the purpose of product and process oriented research and development, in accordance with Article 9 of the REACH Regulation;

  • notifying of classification and labelling of chemical substances placed on the market;

  • preparation of obligatory safety assessment and chemical safety report for so called unidentified uses (downstream users);

  • and many more (do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information),

  • review and evaluation of substances regarding the restrictions and prohibitions concerning placing them on the market in accordance with Annex XVII to the REACH Regulations and resulting regulations for specific groups of substances and chemical articles.

Moreover, it should be remembered, that in case of numerous chemical substances – both, on their own and in mixtures or articles, some additional regulations concerning restrictions during their import or export to and from European Union must be observed. The basic document here is the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 649/2012 concerning the export and import of hazardous chemicals, implementing the Rotterdam Convention in the EU territory.

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