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Transport of dangerous goods – safety has more than one name

All chemical products, those which do not pose any hazard as well as the dangerous ones, must be delivered to the agents and customers in a safe manner. That is why the transport is such an important element linking the supply chain for chemical products of all kinds. The transport, in turn, is subject to specific, international and national (Polish) regulations.

Combined transport – different ways, one aim

During the deliveries of dangerous goods, and in particular for the intercontinental deliveries, different types of transport are used (e.g., sea and road or rail transport, road and air carriage and other). In such situations we talk about combined (multimodal) transport. While planning such carriage of dangerous goods, you have to consider the regulations applicable for the individual modes of movement of goods – European Agreement ADR (road carriage), IMDG Code (transport by sea) or IATA Technical Instructions (air transport).

All this means obviously additional problems for people responsible for preparation of such transport and completing the necessary documentation. It often happens, that the transport is halted on some stage of travel, due to incomplete documentation or labelling. Such unfortunate situation results in additional costs incurred by the company, related to the standstills, storage or demurrage.

Meeting all the requirements imposed by various international and national transportation regulations is not an easy task. You need to have a thorough knowledge provided by trained and experienced consultants, granted with relevant certificates and qualifications.

THETA Doradztwo Techniczne takes pride in our team of qualified experts; consultants having wide knowledge and long-term experience in the field of road, sea and air transport. We would like to shortly present our offer concerning these three main ways of transport, which constitute the majority of executed ways of shipping of chemical products.

>>>ADR – road transport

>>>IMDG – sea transport

>>>IATA – air transport


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