ADR – carriage of dangerous goods by road

Road transport has the largest quantitative share of the means of transport used for moving the chemical products in Europe. The main legal act concerning the road carriage is the European Agreement ADR (The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). Additionally, in Poland, the Act of 19 August 2011 concerning the transport of dangerous goods, implementing the Directive 2008/68/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, on the inland transport of dangerous goods, applies. This Act establishes also a range of executive regulations.

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser – DGSA Consultant

Pursuant to the European Agreement ADR and Polish Act concerning the transport of dangerous goods, EACH ENTERPRISE, which business includes transportation of dangerous goods and related packing, loading, filling or unloading, should appoint one or more advisers for the safety related issues regarding the carriage of dangerous goods, responsible for supporting the hazard preventing actions (Dangerous Goods' Safety Adviser).

Evaluation of obligations and consulting – let's do it together

In order to adequately define the scope of your company needs regarding the dangerous goods carriage, we are ready to perform so called „0"Audit for your company, enabling the detailed evaluation of needs and responsibilities in relation to such diversified legal requirements. Thanks to the „0 Audit", you will be able to take up rational and tailored actions – precisely reflecting the requirements and responsibilities of your company. Moreover, you will be able to specify, whether you need to appoint the DGSA for your company, what kind of training and actions are to be taken and in what order.

Additionally, within the framework of our services, we provide the comprehensive support for your company in the area of legal regulations, related to meeting the legal requirements in scope of the carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) – including also the appointment of the certified DGSA:

  • verification of dangerous good classification;
  • specification of conditions and means of transportation of dangerous goods;
  • selection of vehicle, selection of packaging, labelling of shipment pieces, use of warning tags/ stickers;
  • development of templates of suitable documents, which need to accompany the transportation of dangerous goods;
  • support in executing the exclusions from regulations, enabling reduction of the transport costs;
  • drawing up the post-accident and post-inspection documentation, in scope of the carriage of dangerous goods,
  • drawing up the documentation required for the carriage of dangerous wastes,
  • internal training for the company's employees,
  • preparation of obligatory annual report concerning the entrepreneur's activity,
  • ADR consulting services on a current basis.

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