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ICAO / IATA – transport of dangerous goods by air

In case of transport by air, besides the model guidelines and Technical Instructions corresponding to minimum safety, carriers and loading and unloading ports are subject to additional requirements and restrictions. These requirements need to be checked each time, while arranging the transport of dangerous goods.

Regulations concerning the transport of dangerous goods by air include, among others, information regarding necessary training and responsibility for the dangerous goods, rules for classification of dangerous goods – compliant with the UN recommendations, rules for packaging, labelling, specification of packaging – packing instruction, principles concerning drawing up documents for dangerous goods and many more.

Offer of THETA Doradztwo Techniczne includes, in scope of the transport of dangerous goods by air (IATA), among others:

  • classification of dangerous goods;
  • verification of additional restrictions for ports (departure/ arrival), so called "limitations";
  • selection of packaging, labelling of shipment pieces, use of warning tags/ stickers;
  • consulting services in scope of applicable exclusions;
  • development of templates of suitable documents;
  • consulting in scope of air transport arrangement, negotiations with carriers;
  • other.


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